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EATA Webinar Series 2024. Special Projects.

We have speakers from different parts of Europe presenting their work and passions: Ronen Stilman, Olena Kovalchuk & Ugo Danilo De Ambrogio

This event will be translated into German, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Russian, Georgian and English where necessary. It will not be recorded.

Virtual Reality and Screen Relations in Clinical Practice – exploring co-creation, inclusivity and exclusivity- Ronen Stilman

There has been a dramatic shift in the way that psychotherapy is delivered, supervised, and taught following the COVID-19 pandemic. With screens and sensory-based technology seemingly everywhere and anywhere in our daily lives, many people in and out of the psychotherapy community were forced into an expanding virtual world that can sometimes be seen as foreign and alien but can also afford new possibilities and experiences. In this workshop, I will invite practitioners to reflect on their relationship with technology and consider interpersonal and political dynamics at play. I will offer some emerging thoughts and observations about the virtual space that is co-created when relating through screens and how might we begin to understand the shift in the way that we relate and identify online. I will invite participants to account for new emerging issues of inclusion, exclusion and power presented as a result of these changes, and explore what might be gained by paying attention to these dynamics.

Ronen Stilman MSc (TA Psychotherapy), Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst, is a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer, working with individuals, couples and practitioners in his Edinburgh centre practice and in Cyberspace. He has a keen interest in Humans and how they relate and identify in the context of culture, politics and society, integrating his background in technology and organisational change.



The Inner Critic: How to Recognize and Transform – Olena Kovalchuk

Olena will be presenting the 4-step technique to “re-educate” your Inner Critic”. This technique will be very useful to provide a practical TA and CBT tool to counteract “survivor’s guilt syndrome”, and shame and restore internal motivation.

We will explore

1. The Inner Critic:

• definition,

• place in personality structure.

• origin

• purpose

2. Technique “4 steps of working with Inner Critic”

3. Case from practice, questions and answers

Olena Kovalchuk

Counsellor with 7+ years of experience in the method of Transactional Analysis (E. Bern). Member of Ukrainian Transactional Analysis Community (USTA ). Continues her training as a Psychotherapist in the Transactional Analysis method (long-term study project 2017 – 2024). Continuous additional professional training (“Transactional Analysis in Organizations”, “Therapy of Eating Disorders”

Inverness (from Kyiv, Ukraine)

(+44) 07437411747


The coordination style: a test for middle managers – Ugo Danilo De Ambrogio TSTA (O)

Today the life of organizations is complex, in fact, they find themselves dealing with a liquid society with unpredictable market trends and increasing difficulties.

As a consultant, trainer, coach and researcher, using the A. Mountain’s model (the tripartite ok corral positions: I, You, the Organisation), I have developed a test for middle management, tested in various of my research, functional to identify 8 middle management styles. The test can be useful in organizational diagnosis research and in coaching middle managers, to get to know each other better, improve their behaviours and feel better in their organizational role. The workshop intends offer to participants the opportunity to experience a diagnosis of their own role style. During the speech (first ten minutes) a test will be proposed to the participants. Participants will draw stimulating reflections on their own style, its strengths and the obstacles it faces and will also know and gain possession of a powerful and useful organizational role diagnosis tool for promoting effective processes of organizational improvement.

Ugo Danilo De Ambrogio is a Sociologist and TSTA-0 (Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst) in the organizational field.

He is director of the Social and Health Policies area of ​​the IRS (Institute for Social Research) where he conducts training, supervision, research, consultancy, planning and evaluation activities with public administrations and Third Sector organisations.

He is Director, teacher and coach of the “IRS school for the Social” and director, teacher and co-founder of Eureka Academy OrganizzaAT, School of Transactional Analysis in the organizational field.

He is a Professor of Evaluation Methodology for Social Services on the MOVASS Master’s Degree Course at the Department of Sociology of the University of Trento

He was a professor of planning and social evaluation at the University of Milan Bicocca, at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and at the Polytechnic of Milan.

He is the author of over 100 scientific publications and has edited 20 volumes. He wrote the Chapter 10 (Organizational Cultures and changing interventions) , in (van Poelje, de Graaf) New Theory and Practice of Transactional Analysis in Organizations, On The Edge, Routledge 2022

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29. Mai. 2024


19:00 - 20:30

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