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EATA & ITAA Webinar with Geoff Hopping

Recovering Hope Through Community

on Thursday, 15 February 2024 10:00 – 11:30 GMT (11:00 – 12:30 CET).

Our speaker guest, Geoff Hopping, will talk to us about Recovering Hope through Community, he will invite us to reflect with questions on this topic.

Originally TA was developed as a group therapy. During my career, the availability of TA therapy groups has diminished significantly. There has been a cultural shift towards individualism away from community, and this approach now predominates the therapy world and TA has been no exception.

This drive towards individualism is in my view part of a much wider cultural shift which has been supported in TA in part by the relational school, its return to the psychoanalytic roots of TA and an emphasis on individual therapy. Whilst I applaud these advances, they inevitably carry a shadow. It is important to reflect on this cultural drift and the implications for our client’s well-being and the well-being of ourselves as practitioners.

For organizational and educational practitioners this cultural drift will have been equally impactful.

We face unprecedented challenges in these times, that present us with existential threats and also extraordinary opportunities.

I remember going to a workshop with Claude Steiner many years ago when he predicted the impact of technology on our mental health, saying that the incidence of depression and anxiety would rise as we became increasingly technology-dependent. How right he was, and none of us could possibly have imagined where we are today.

This webinar will focus on hope through the nurturing and building of community as a priority for all of us.

Please Note – there is no translation for this event and it will not be recorded. The event is free of charge.

About our speaker guest Geoff Hopping TSTA (P):

Geoff is a well-regarded and highly qualified Psychotherapist (TA and Psychoanalytic), Supervisor and Trainer with decades of experience working in mental health and psychotherapy settings. Latterly he has worked in a high-security prison as a Consultant Psychotherapist specialising in Group Work. He is reconnecting to a passionate interest in spirituality and is currently in training with One Spirit Interfaith Foundation. Geoff has also held the role of primary tutor at the Metanoia Institute since 1996 and left there in the summer of 2019 following his move to Brighton. Geoff is now a Partner in The Link Centre, a training centre based in the South of England.

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15. Feb. 2024


11:00 - 12:30
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